Guest Policy & Fees

Members are welcome to invite guests to BSTC.  Please keep in mind the following:

  • Guests to BSTC must be accompanied by a Member at all times
  • The Adult Guest Fee is $10 per visit, or $5 for children under the age of 17
  • For our Events, the Guest Fee is $15. The fee for children under the age of 17 is $10.
  • Members may invite an unlimited number of guests over the course of a season. There is a max of 10 guests at any one time. See Parties and Rentals for more information.
  • Each individual guest is limited to 5 visits per season
  • If the office is closed, please use the Guest Fee Drop Box located near the bulletin boards.  If you do not have cash, feel free to drop your name and amount you owe, or send an email to and we will charge your account