Junior Tennis Philosophies

Our year-round, tennis program serves all junior and adult players by helping to developing knowledge, skills, competitiveness, and most of all enjoyment of tennis at every level. Modeled after the most successful academies, clubs, and collegiate programs around the world, the BSTC Tennis Program stresses teamwork, dedication, effort and camaraderie.

Fun:  Tennis is a game and games are meant to be fun. We are very serious about teaching you to play tennis well and with proper technique, but we never lose sight that it is a game!

• Health:  Tennis is a life-long activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Growth: Tennis allows players to challenge themselves physically and mentally; to learn important concepts such as commitment, work ethic, goal-setting, and to respect others. Together these skills build self-confidence and instill fundamental skills which will serve them beyond the courts.

Long-Term Partnerships: Athletes do not reach their potential overnight nor by themselves. It takes time, dedication, and support of many. BSTC Tennis provides direction and a proven path for all individuals to efficiently and successfully reach their potential.

Social Interaction:Tennis is a unique sport which enables you to express your competitive side yet still interact socially. Tennis is a game for life and for life-long friendships.


It is necessary for most students to play a minimum of three times per week for one hour per time to improve at tennis. Depending on age, talent and athletic background it can take days, weeks, or months for a child to learn to play real tennis.

Our goal is to advance each player as quickly as possible to playing real tennis while teaching them sound fundamental techniques, knowledge of strategy and tactics, and the USTA’s rules and etiquette of tennis in a safe, fun and confidence building environment.

Maximum Player Development

Weekly Group Instruction, Tournament Play and Private Lessons – In this order – for players to maximize their potential.