Junior Tennis

We offer a variety of tennis programs for the junior tennis player. To determine the best fit for your family, see the details below.  All sessions are co-ed unless otherwise noted. Please reference our Registration page for information on logging in to our system prior to signing up for any program. For information on our Junior Tennis Program Philosophies, click HERE.

FALL SESSIONS (AUGUST 12th – NOVEMBER 3rd)  Click HERE for class days/times and to sign up.  Fall classes will have two 4 week sessions and one 3 week session. Drop-ins will be permitted at a higher per-class rate, subject to space availability.

* NO CLASS on Monday, September 3 (Labor Day)

We offer a variety of sessions for all ages.  Our 12 & Under programs are an exciting and fun tennis format for 12 and under kids which started in Europe, came to America as QuickStart, and has been adopted by the USTA as Under 12 Tennis. There are now leagues and tournaments for U8, U10 and U12 kids. The emphasis is on fun! Court size, racquet size, ball, even the net height has been shrunk to make the game kid friendly. Now even younger children can start playing tennis more quickly. The programs include  PeeWee (age 3-4), Red Ball (age 5-8), Orange Ball (age 8-11), and Green Ball (age 11-12). Our 13-18 Developmental programs include Futures (age 12-14) and Challengers (age 14-18).

PEEWEE TENNIS: For children ages 3-4 years old. Fun and games designed to development eye hand coordination, balance and movement, and a love of the game! Limit 6 per class.
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RED BALL INSTRUCTIONAL: For children 5-8 years old. A 36’ court, 75% slower and lower bouncing RED ball, and 19 – 21” racquets are used which makes the game more child friendly. We introduce basic strokes, rules and the etiquette of tennis. We work on improving eye hand coordination and movement to get the kids playing games right away! Limit 6 per class. 
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ORANGE BALL INSTRUCTIONAL: For 8-11 year olds. A 60’ court, 50% slower and low bouncing ORANGE ball, and 21 – 23” racquets are now used. All 10 & under players must test out of Orange to advance to Green. Limit 6 per class. 
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GREEN BALL INSTRUCTIONAL:  For 11-12 year old players, 60’ court, 25% slower & slightly lower bouncing GREEN ball, and 23 – 25” racquets. Players are new to tennis or have aged up/tested out of Orange to advance to Green. Limit 6 per class. 
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FUTURES DEVELOPMENTAL: For 12-14 year olds. This is our starting point for juniors age 12-18 looking to learn tennis fundamentals, a love of the game, and develop competitive skills. We develop basic knowledge of the game and the fundamental strokes. Limit 6 per class.
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CHALLENGERS DEVELOPMENTAL: For 14-18 year olds. After achieving success in Futures, this program focuses on develop competitive skills preparing players for competition whether it is HS, USTA tournaments or Junior Team Tennis. Limit 6 per class.
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Julia Trujillo – ALL Pee Wee, Red Ball 5-8, Orange Ball, and Green Ball

Daniela AdamzyckFutures and Challengers Weekdays (Tuesday and Thursdays)

Tom Russ – Saturday Futures and Challengers