Looking to Join Our Swim & Tennis Club?


If you are interested in joining as a new member or changing your current membership level, please contact us at swimandtennis@gmail.com.  Our membership is capped at 330 members. We  were full for the 2018 season and are accepting applications now for the 2019 Season.

Membership types and rates for 2019 are listed below.  Please note that our memberships run on a calendar year basis, so all memberships must be renewed in January each year regardless of when you join. Renewal dues are payable 50% by February 1st and the remaining 50% due by April 1st of the year of membership.  Membership dues and initiation fees are nonrefundable unless approved as an exception by the Board of Directors.

Membership levels:

  • Single – One person
  • Family – An individual or couple, plus any children under the age of 26 residing in your household. Children may be biological, adopted or legal wards of the couple or individual.
  • Grandparents – Grandparent(s) and their grandchildren under the age of 19. Grandchildren may be biological, adopted or legal wards of their children. Parents of grandchildren are not included in the membership. Senior rates do not apply to this membership level.
  • Senior Single – One person 65 years or older
  • Senior Couple – Married couple when both members are 65 years or older.
Annual Membership Rates & One-Time Initiation Fees:
Membership Type
Annual Dues
Initiation Fee
Single Senior – 65+
Senior Couple – both 65+







Equity Memberships:  Requires a one-time fee of $100 per membership to purchase ownership of a BSTC Share Certificate, which grants the shareholder voting rights and the opportunity for BSTC Board participation. Includes 5 free guest passes each year plus 5 additional passes for your attendance at the annual meeting in January.

Membership Add Ons:  (May be added to a Family membership only)

  • Legacy – Family members between the ages of 26-29 whose biological, adopted or in-law family has a current family membership.
  • Caregiver – Family memberships can add child care providers to their membership for a season. Caregiver can only visit while accompanying minor family members in their care.
  • Extended Houseguest – Family memberships can add a houseguest to their membership for a season. Houseguest must be staying in the member’s house. Example is an exchange student or visiting friend/relative. Does not include local friends or local extended family.
Membership Add On Rates:
$100.00 per year/per individual
$100.00/year per family
Extended Houseguest
$100.00/year per houseguest

Guest Policy:  Members are allowed to bring guests when accompanied by the member. The guest fee is currently $5 per visit, or $10 for adults at events where alcohol is served. Members are allowed to bring an unlimited number of guests over the course of a season, but each individual guest is limited to 5 visits per season.