Adult Tennis Leagues

BSTC is has the seventh largest league participation in the state of Colorado!  We offer a variety of USTA Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles leagues. To the high demand for our league teams, only members are eligible to participate on BSTC adult leagues. Exceptions are granted by our Tennis Director in rare cases where we need to recruit non-members in order to have enough players at a given level to field a complete team (mainly at the 4.5 level), although in no cases are members allowed to play as nonmembers in the first year after dropping an active membership.

Please visit the Registration page for details on how to create your access to our system prior to registering.

Important Information About Adult Leagues

  • The deadline to register for the first round of USTA leagues is February 19, 2018.
  • Only BSTC members are allowed to participate.
  • Members are expected to play at level. Requests to play up a level must come through the team captain and be approved by the Tennis Director.
  • Information on the days and times each league plays, match formats, etc. can be found at the links below. Please review this information before registering.
  • Please read the 2018 Adult Tennis League Policies document, located here before registering.
  • League fees are $50 per individual for unlimited league participation.  You will be charged $50 when you register. If you only play one league during the summer, the fee will be reduced to $25 and you may request a refund through the league coordinator, Kelly Horace.
  • If you have a formed team, please email your list to Cindi Burchell at Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have.
  • We will be offering the following leagues in 2018:
    USTA Mixed 18 and Over
    USTA Adult 18 and Over
    USTA Adult 55 Years and Over
    CTA Women’s Daytime Doubles
    USTA Mixed 40 Years and Over 
    CTA Adult 18-39 Years
    USTA Adult 40 Years and Over
    CTA Women’s 2.5 18 and Over
    ITA Mixed Doubles
    CTA Women’s Summer Daytime
    CTA Twilight

For the detailed CTA Schedule of Match Days and Times:  Click here

For the CTA Calendar and Deadlines: Click Here