Board of Directors & Management Staff

Announcing the 2023 Board of Directors

Newly elected for 2 year terms:

Jody Knaley – Swim Liaison

John Pepperdine – Assistant Treaurer

Dewey Remington – Assistant Tennis Liaison

Rachel Vue – Assistant Tennis Liaison

Andrew Wells – Facilities

With 1 year remaining on their terms:

Jill Bouck – Vice President

Marlene Evans – Secretary

Stacey Mari – Treasurer

Nick Muylle – Tennis Liaison

Don O’Brien – Tennis Open Sponsors

Chris Rising – President


Management Staff

  • General Manager:  Jenna Valenzuela
  • Tennis Director:  Noah Sussman
  • Swim Director: Lindsey Bowdey
  • Membership:  Meaghan Peters
  • Accounting:  Heather Lamb
  • Adult League Coordinator & Tennis Support Manager:  Meaghan Peters