Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club (BSTC) offers its Members 6 lighted outdoor courts and a wide variety of tennis programs and activities for tennis players of all ages and abilities including: leagues, clinics, group and private lessons, and club tennis socials.  Supporting one of the largest Adult and Junior league programs in the state, our club organized teams participate in USTA, CTA, and Junior Team Tennis Leagues. Every Member of BSTC has the opportunity to participate in a league program, and everyone is encouraged to play at their appropriate NTRP level. If you’ve never played in an organized tennis league, there’s no need to be shy. Leagues range from social to highly competitive depending on skill level and team makeup, but the number one goal for everyone is to have fun and enjoy playing tennis with other tennis enthusiasts. Througout the summer, BSTC tennis clinics are run regularly by qualified Tennis Instructors who put participants through a wide range of drills designed to improve their tennis game in a casual and social atmosphere, all while getting a great workout. There’s almost certainly a clinic or two a week that will fit into your schedule and all Members are encouraged to drop in and check out the action. BSTC Tennis Instructors offer affordable tennis lessons to both Member and non-member individuals and groups. Check out our Tennis Staff page for more information.

Come For The Tennis, Stay For The Fun!
Friday Night Fun Starts with Mixed Doubles Matches
We hope you’ll join us this week for the 38th Annual Broomfield Tennis Open! Did you know that this tournament is the 3rd largest in the State of Colorado? What an amazing opportunity for our club and for you to come out and watch tennis! Find the schedule and scores at
The pool is open as usual for Open Swim. Bring your family for dinner and enjoy a beer! Meals will be served by our Adult Tennis Leagues each night, from 5-9 p.m. or until the food is gone. Your cash payments are preferred and we will now accept Venmo payments!!
Due to the popularity of this event, we will experience busy parking, especially this weekend and next Friday night. Please watch for No Parking Signs and use designated parking spaces only as you park in our lot and on the streets around the club.

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  • Members may reserve courts by logging on through the Login button and using the link to reserve courts. Please visit our Registration page for questions on logging in.
  • Courts 1 – 6 and Pickleball Courts 1-2 will be available for members in good standing to reserve for 30 minute increments for max of 90 minutes at a time (30, 60 or 90 minutes).  Our League Coordinator can book for more time – usually 120 minutes for practices and matches. Courts for leagues and team practices will be blocked out.
  • Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance.   Members are limited to two reservations each 7 days. Reservations can be made starting at 7 a.m. Each family member registered on the system may make reservations. The person booking the reservation should be the person who plays.
  • Members should cancel their reservation up to and including the day before the court is reserved.
  • Walk up play time is limited to 90 minutes.
  • Scheduled league matches take priority and may be played to conclusion.  If you have a court reserved and a league match is finishing, please be patient.
  • Tennis staff can reserve groups of courts for practices, leagues, group clinics, juniors, etc, but they must reserve them prior to the courts being open for members to reserve (i.e. they must reserve more than 7 days in advance if they need more than one court at a time).  They can also book available courts, same as members, for lessons, but cannot override a member’s existing reservation.
  • Ball Machine Club: This annual pass is available to our members for $50.  To have this added to your membership, please email

BSTC has the seventh largest league participation in the state of Colorado!  We offer a variety of USTA Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles leagues. To the high demand for our league teams, only members are eligible to participate on BSTC adult leagues. Exceptions are granted by our Tennis Director in rare cases where we need to recruit non-members in order to have enough players at a given level to field a complete team (mainly at the 4.5 level), although in no cases are members allowed to play as nonmembers in the first year after dropping an active membership. Please visit the Registration page for details on how to create your access to our system prior to registering. Important Information About Adult Leagues

  • The deadline to register for the first round of USTA leagues is Tuesday, February 21, 2023.  Please see the appropriate registration deadlines for each league below.
  • Only BSTC members in good standing are allowed to participate. Membership dues must be paid.
  • Members are expected to play at level. Requests to play up a level must come through the team captain and be approved by the Tennis Director.
  • Information on the days and times each league plays, match formats, etc. can be found at the links below. Please review this information before registering.
  • Please read the Adult Tennis League Policies document, located here before registering.
  • League fees are $50 per individual for unlimited league participation.  You will be charged $50 when you register. If you only play one league during the summer, the fee will be reduced to $25 and you may request a refund through the League Coordinator.
  • If you have a formed team, please email your list to the League Coordinator at Please feel free to email any questions you may have.

For the detailed CTA Schedule of Match Days and Times: USTA Colorado_Days
For the CTA Calendar and Deadlines: 2023 USTA Colorado Deadlines


Basic Principles

A Team for Everyone: Best efforts will be made to ensure that every member who registers for a league by the deadline will play on a BSTC team.  On occasion, this may not be possible (e.g. if 20 women but only 4 men sign up for a mixed doubles team).

League play at home courts: Several locations are used for BSTC home league matches, including BSTC, Broomfield High School, Broomfield city courts, Northmoor and Depot Hill.  League administration will make every effort to give each team an equal number of home matches at BSTC courts.

Playing time: Captains are expected to give all players a relatively equal number of playing opportunities during each season, based on availability. Players with limited availability may get limited play. Weekly match play will be determined by the captains, who will also take into account partner preferences and singles/doubles preferences. Playing time may not be equal among players during playoffs. Playoff rosters will be determined by captains who may schedule the players with the best records in order to give the team the best chance for wins. Captains are encouraged to consult with the Tennis Director for playoff scheduling.

Member feedback: Your input is valuable and welcome. Each fall, BSTC members are sent a survey to provide input about their tennis league experience to the BSTC Board, Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator. This feedback drives improvement goals for the following season. You may email questions and concerns anytime during the year to

Team Formation and Management

Playing at NTRP level: Every player shall play at their assigned USTA rating level, absent special circumstances and approval of the Tennis Director. League Registration: After the CTA calendar is published in January, information and deadlines for league registration will be emailed to the membership and posted on the website.

Forming league teams: Players are encouraged to form their own league teams. Individuals who want to play on the same team can have one person from their group submit a list of players to by the registration deadline. All players must still submit their own individual BSTC registration. The maximum roster submission is as follows:

USTA Adult W2.5 only      7 players All other

USTA Adult       10 players

Mixed Leagues                    8 players

Daytime Doubles                8 players

Summer Daytime               7 players

Twilight                                7 players

>>> This process is not required to be placed on a team. <<<

Team Formation Process: Immediately following the registration deadline for each league, the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator will determine the number of teams needed at each level and confirm captains and co-captains for each team.  The captains will meet by level to form teams and develop rosters using the registration lists.  There will be a captains meeting to review policies and procedures, discuss new CTA rules, finalize the rosters and get USTA team numbers. With approval from the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator, players may be added to existing teams in certain situations, e.g. to allow a new club member to play, create numerical balance for each team, replace an injured player, etc.  These determinations will be made in consultation with the affected captains.

Leagues offered: BSTC may not offer teams for every USTA or CTA league due to court availability and/or lack of member interest.

League Fee: In order to offset the costs of adult league administration and additional court rentals, a league fee of $50 per player will be charged at registration for unlimited league participation. If a player is only on one team during the season, a $25 refund will be given in the fall.

Non-member players: Non-members will be invited to play on BSTC teams only when needed to fill out a team and with approval by the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator. Non-members must pay a fee of $50 per league and may only use BSTC facilities for league play and scheduled team practices.  Under no circumstances is an individual allowed to play as a non-member in the first year following dropping an active membership.


Adult Fall Session 2 added!  Save Your Spot now!

  • Drop-ins welcome when space is available!
  • Payment for Adult Programs is due at sign-up.
  • We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • Class makeups will be issued in cases of inclement weather.
  • Frequently Asked Questions




Adult Tournaments

Broomfield Open
July 21st through July 28th 2023

Broomfield Fall Adult Open
Save the Date! October 4th through October 8th

Season 2023 is now open for registration! Save Your Spot now! 

Scroll down for our colorful course descriptions

Contact the Junior Program Director: Milan at with questions regarding registration.

Fall Session: August 21st – October 28th

We offer a variety of tennis programs for the junior tennis player. To determine the best fit for your family, see the details below.  All sessions are co-ed unless otherwise noted. Please reference our Registration page for information on logging in to our system prior to signing up for any program. Classes have a 6:1 player to coach ratio. Players will receive makeup credit if a session is cancelled due to weather. We offer a variety of sessions for all ages. Programs include  Red Ball Pre-Rally (ages 5 & 6), Red Development (ages 7 & 8), Orange Development (ages 9 & 10), and Green Development (ages 11 & 12). Our 13-18 Teen Training programs include Futures, Challengers  and Champions (All ages 13+).

RED DEVELOPMENT PRE-RALLY: For new tennis players ages 5 and 6. Play takes place on a 36-foot court with a red ball, foam ball, and balloons. The program is designed to use game-based activities to develop the competencies needed for young players to learn to rally and play the game of tennis as soon as possible.  Register Online

RED DEVELOPMENT: For players ages 7 and 8. Play takes place on a 36-foot court with a red ball. Serve, Rally, Score, playing TENNIS is the priority! Build athletic skills that will promote rally skills through game-based activities. Introduce technical stroke development. Play takes place on a 36-foot court with a red ball. Register Online

ORANGE DEVELOPMENT: For players ages 9 and 10. Play takes place on a 60-foot court with a orange ball. Priority for Orange Development continues with Serve, Rally, Score. Playing the game of tennis! Players will continue to develop their athletic skills. The curriculum will progress from rally skills to a focus on the five ball controls of tennis:   1. Depth/Distance 2. Height 3. Direction 4. Speed 5. Spin Register Online

GREEN DEVELOPMENT: For players ages 11 and 12. Play takes place on the full 78-foot court with a green dot ball. Players will take the 5 ball controls of tennis learned in orange development and use them to develop their skills in the 5 game situations of tennis: 1. Serving 2. Returning 3. Both players back 4. Approaching the net 5. Hitting passing shots. Register Online

TEEN TRAINING FUTURES: For players aged 13 and up. Play takes place on a full 78-foot court primarily with the standard yellow ball. Program is to prepare players looking to make their high school team. Focus is on technical development and both singles and doubles tactical development. Register Online

TEEN TRAINING CHALLENGERS: For players aged 14 and up. Play takes place on a full 78-foot court with the standard yellow ball. Suitable for players who compete in USTA level 7 Challenger tournaments and up and players who have played for their JV team or Varsity Doubles. Focus is on technical development and both singles and doubles tactical development. Register Online

TEEN TRAINING CHAMPIONS: For players aged 14 and up. Play takes place on a full 78-foot court with the standard yellow ball. Suitable for players who compete in USTA Level 6 Championship level tournaments and up and for players who play Varsity singles or top doubles positions on state qualifying teams. Focus is on technical development and both singles and doubles tactical development. Register Online

All lessons are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy. There will be no charge for lessons cancelled due to inclement weather.

Due to a high volume of USTA Adult League, lesson requests from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday are only offered on a very limited basis.


Pickleball Courts Under Construction Additional Resources: Never played Pickleball before? Watch HOW TO: Pickleball on YouTube Need help choosing a paddle? Check out The Complete Buyers Guide We do not recommend wooden paddles. 


BSTC Registration Fee

Cost: Member $280/Non-member $350
There is an additional registration fee of $32 collected on TennisLink.
BSTC Registration fee includes team practices, a team hat, and an insulated team water bottle.


Registration Steps: 

1. Contact the Director of Tennis for level recommendation or evaluation if player has never competed in organized tennis before.
2. Sign up for Junior Team Tennis on Club Automation at level.
3. Fill out player availability in Google Doc
4. Coordinator will send team number to player to register on TennisLink
($32 USTA Registration fee)

Contact: or 720-930-5804

Coach MilanMilan Norgauer Senior Staff Pro

I was born and raised in California and was truly fortunate to grow up in a tennis-playing and tennis-loving family. I was a ranked junior in Southern California and played for two years on the practice squad at UCLA. While a graduate student, I coached the men’s tennis team for four years at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. More recently, I have been the Assistant Tennis Pro at Cheyenne Country Club and coached several teams and individuals to state championships at Central High School in Cheyenne. I remain active in competition as well, competing in a number of national tournaments in recent years, as well as various tournaments in the Front Range region. I am profoundly grateful to be joining the staff at Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club, and am enthusiastic to work alongside Noah to be a part of a great tradition of tennis in Broomfield. I believe that tennis is the greatest game in the world, but that it is more than just a game or a sport…it is a way of life and it has the ability to build community, establish friends for life, and make us better people. I look forward to meeting all of the club members as quickly as possible, and I am available immediately for private and group lessons, and to assist the club members as they pursue this wonderful game of tennis. See you on the courts!

Milan can be reached at




Adrian Coicci Staff Professional

Adrian joined the community at Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club in 2022. He was a former High-Performance and Traveling Coach at Sportime in New York (2019-2022). He has also worked closely through the years with LA Tennis building international bonds for players and coaches. Adrian is a USPTR Certified Professional with over 25+ years of teaching a range of students from junior, adult & professional. Adrian was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and loves the slow and heavy Argentine red clay courts. Post Junior & Collegiate career spend time touring on the ITF futures tour playing future events, then residing back to a teaching career. Most recently, Adrian has been the Assistant Coach of the Broomfield High School Boys Tennis Program and has been working specifically with its singles players which reached the Colorado State Championships. Adrian enjoys working with players of all levels from complete beginners all the way to the collegiate and pro levels. Off the court, Adrian enjoys spending time with his family, Outdoor Activities and Traveling.

Adrian can be reached at 516-509-2134 or


PLAYERS / CLASS LEVELS 2.0 – 2.5 Beginner: This player has played very little or no tennis. We will cover all the fundamental strokes, scoring, court positioning for singles and doubles with ball-fed drills. Upon completion, each player will be able to maintain a slow rally by the end of this class. 2.5 – 3.0 Advanced Beginner: This player has playing experience and some knowledge of strategies and positioning for singles and doubles. Topspin groundstrokes, volleys, overheads and serves will be covered with a combination of ball-fed drills and structured rally drills. 3.0 – 3.5 Intermediate: This player can maintain a rally from the baseline with basic sound stoke technique. We will introduce more advanced mechanics and strategies for each stroke to create more ball control, consistency and power. Ball-fed, structured rally, and live ball drills will be utilized. 3.5 – 4.0 Advanced Intermediate: This player can consistently maintain a rally with pace and has a more advanced knowledge of the game. Our focus will be on strengthening the player’s basic stroke mechanics and shot patterns as well as your approach and passing shots, drop shots, return of serve. 4.0 – 4.5 Advanced: This player has an overall understanding of the game and can hit fair amount of power, control and/or consistency. The drill class will give participants the opportunity to get a great tennis workout and lots shots. We utilize will be live ball, and strategy-based games with friendly competition. These are high energy, fast-paced clinics.

2023 Racquet Stringing
Contact:Noah Sussman 720-930-5804 or

Early Bird Special

String Menu Price Spring Special
Diadem Evolution $35 $28.0
Diadem Flash and Impulse $35 $28.0
Diadem Solstice & Evolution Hybrid $38 $30.4
Diadem Solstice $40 $32.0
Diadem Impulse $40 $32.0

Valid through April 30th


Durability and Comfort

Diadem Flash and Impulse $35
Diadem Solstice & Evolution Hybrid $38
Babolat RPM & Xcel $44
Babolat RPM Soft $44


Durability and Spin

Diadem Solstice $40
Babolat RPM Blast $44
Babolat RPM Rough $44



Babolat Sythentic Gut $30
Diadem Evolution $35
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