League Policies


Basic Principles

A Team for Everyone: Best efforts will be made to ensure that every member who registers for a league by the deadline will play on a BSTC team.  On occasion, this may not be possible (e.g. if 20 women but only 4 men sign up for a mixed doubles team).

League play at home courts: Several locations are used for BSTC home league matches, including BSTC, Broomfield High School, Broomfield city courts, Northmoor and Depot Hill.  League administration will make every effort to give each team an equal number of home matches at BSTC courts.

Playing time: Captains are expected to give all players a relatively equal number of playing opportunities during each season, based on availability. Players with limited availability may get limited play. Weekly match play will be determined by the captains, who will also take into account partner preferences and singles/doubles preferences. Playing time may not be equal among players during playoffs. Playoff rosters will be determined by captains who may schedule the players with the best records in order to give the team the best chance for wins. Captains are encouraged to consult with the Tennis Director for playoff scheduling.

Member feedback: Your input is valuable and welcome. Each fall, BSTC members are sent a survey to provide input about their tennis league experience to the BSTC Board, Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator. This feedback drives improvement goals for the following season. You may email questions and concerns anytime during the year to BSTC.tennis@gmail.com.

Team Formation and Management

Playing at NTRP level: Every player shall play at their assigned USTA rating level, absent special circumstances and approval of the Tennis Director.

League Registration: After the CTA calendar is published in January, information and deadlines for league registration will be emailed to the membership and posted on the website.

Forming league teams: Players are encouraged to form their own league teams. Individuals who want to play on the same team can have one person from their group submit a list of players to BSTC.tennis@gmail.com by the registration deadline. All players must still submit their own individual BSTC registration.

The minimum roster submission is as follows:

USTA Mixed 18+               8 (3.0-4.5) players

5(2.5 & 5) players

USTA Adult 55+               6 players

CTA Women’s Daytime  6 players

USTA Mixed 40+             6 players

CTA Adult 18-39              4 players

USTA Adult 40+              7 (3.0-4.5) players

3(5.0) players

CTA W2.5 18+                 5 players

USTA Adult 65+             6 players

Summer Daytime           5 players

ITA Mixed Doubles        6 players

Twilight                            5 players

>>> This process is not required to be placed on a team. <<<

Team Formation Process: Immediately following the registration deadline for each league, the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator will determine the number of teams needed at each level and confirm captains and co-captains for each team.  The captains will meet by level to form teams and develop rosters using the registration lists.  There will be a captains meeting to review policies and procedures, discuss new CTA rules, finalize the rosters and get USTA team numbers.

With approval from the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator, players may be added to existing teams in certain situations, e.g. to allow a new club member to play, create numerical balance for each team, replace an injured player, etc.  These determinations will be made in consultation with the affected captains.

Leagues offered: BSTC may not offer teams for every USTA or CTA league due to court availability and/or lack of member interest.

League Fee: In order to offset the costs of adult league administration and additional court rentals, a league fee of $50 per player will be charged at registration for unlimited league participation. If a player is only on one team during the season, a $25 refund will be given in the fall.

Non-member players: Non-members will be invited to play on BSTC teams only when needed to fill out a team and with approval by the Tennis Director and Adult League Coordinator. Non-members must pay a fee of $50 per league and may only use BSTC facilities for league play and scheduled team practices.  Under no circumstances is an individual allowed to play as a non-member in the first year following dropping an active membership.